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A Goal-Driven Crime Scripting Framework
Hashem Dehghanniri
The Experience of Middle Grade Teachers in a Culture of Collaboration
Tamara Tallman
Design and Māori Values: A Rebrand Project for the Social Enterprise Sector
M. Kiarna, S. Junjira, S. Casey, M. Nolwazi, M. S. Marcos, A. T. Tatiana, L. Cassandra
Corrosion Study of Magnetically Driven Components in Spinal Implants by Immersion Testing in Simulated Body Fluids
Benjawan Saengwichian, Alasdair E. Charles, Philip J. Hyde
Robust Stabilization of Rotational Motion of Underwater Robots against Parameter Uncertainties
Riku Hayashida, Tomoaki Hashimoto
Robotic Assistance in Nursing Care: Survey on Challenges and Scenarios
Pascal Gliesche, Kathrin Seibert, Christian Kowalski, Dominik Domhoff, Max Pfingsthorn, Karin Wolf-Ostermann, Andreas Hein
Optical Signal-To-Noise Ratio Monitoring Based on Delay Tap Sampling Using Artificial Neural Network
Feng Wang, Shencheng Ni, Shuying Han, Shanhong You
Influence of Environmental Temperature on Dairy Herd Performance and Behaviour
L. Krpalkova, N. O' Mahony, A. Carvalho, S. Campbell, S. Harapanahalli, J. Walsh
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