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Study of Compatibility and Oxidation Stability of Vegetable Insulating Oils
Helena M. Wilhelm, Paulo O. Fernandes, Laís P. Dill, Kethlyn G. Moscon
The Canaanite Trade Network between the Shores of the Mediterranean Sea
Doaa El-Shereef
Platform-as-a-Service Sticky Policies for Privacy Classification in the Cloud
Maha Shamseddine, Amjad Nusayr, Wassim Itani
Towards End-To-End Disease Prediction from Raw Metagenomic Data
Maxence Queyrel, Edi Prifti, Alexandre Templier, Jean-Daniel Zucker
Environmental Study on Urban Disinfection Using an On-site Generation System
Víctor Martínez del Rey, Kourosh Nasr Esfahani, Amir Masoud Samani Majd
Effective Leadership in the Engineering, Technology, and Construction Industry
David W. Farler, Perry Haan
Mnemotopic Perspectives: Communication Design as Stabilizer for the Memory of Places
C. Galasso
Early Depression Detection for Young Adults with a Psychiatric and AI Interdisciplinary Multimodal Framework
Raymond Xu, Ashley Hua, Andrew Wang, Yuru Lin
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